Spontaneous City: Bird House Metropolis in London


London Fieldwork’s “Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven” – built of custom made birdhouses in two separate public green spaces – is truly a work of art. What does it say to you? Does it reflect the sprawling reach of humanity? It’s almost Dali-like in its entirety. At first, it looks like a 3-D simulation or altered photograph.Yet the houses are bespoke to reflect the architecture of the area and blend in with the neighborhood – and they do. The reach of this art is branching out — this project has been commissioned for installation in more parks and gardens across London. And it isn’t just fantastic art that suits its environment – it’s totally functional and the birds love it. The concept actually developed from a previous project that sounds somewhat more fanciful: animal homes constructed to look like despot’s palaces. But it is Spontaneous City that is truly the feather in their cap.


Birds Love Spontaneous City!


Different bird house designs reflect different neighborhood architecture.


More information: London Fieldworks