14 Modern Bathroom Fixtures That Will Captivate You

Modern bathroom fixtures have become more like gadgets … here we’ve selected the newest bathroom fixtures that fit that gadget bill. Some are from the most known brand name bathroom manufactures and some are by less known modern designers. Each has its own story to tell, left to right …



The new HansaLatrava bathroom faucet from Hansa creates an amazing water “curtain”. The spectacular water flow from the specially developed jet is contained within a narrow vertical plane thanks to complex water-guidance technology. Operated by touch and with its clean angled design, this faucet is a perfect fixture for minimalist decor.

In contrast, the sensor faucet by Miscea is touch-free. It is also a dispenser for soap, lotion, disinfectant or detergent . To adjust the water temperature or dispense soap or just fill a glass with water, simply place your hand in front of the desired engraving on the large round glass control panel, and the fixture will confirm your selection by changing the backlight color of the corresponding button. Very modern, ha.

The new SmartFaucet by iHouse not only recognizes your touch but also your face!. It uses face recognition technology to get to know you. Once it knows you, this modern bathroom fixture can check your emails, check your calendar, the outside temperature, etc. Not to mention it will automatically turn on the water at your preferred temperature and flow, it is also a waterfall faucet that comes with the chromatherapy lighting. ‘Wow’ is the word here…

The Ring Faucet by Lim Sun Liang lets you look directly inside the running water. It has a modern minimalist appearance and surely one of the most unusual fixtures out there.

A bathroom fixture design that allows water coming down into your sink from the ceiling is not something you see every day. A very neat and modern idea, these remote controlled, ceiling mounted faucets by Gessi can be quite practical for some installations.

Finally, in faucets, the beautiful Water Ball Ripples concept design by Smith Newnam. These really cool modern bathroom fixtures would be controlled by moving a metal ball on the round glass control panel. “On top of the frosted ripple surface sits a metal ball. An array of electromagnetic sensors detects that ball’s position. Moving the ball in or out from the center controls water pressure. Moving it around controls temperature. The surface glows red or blue to denote how hot or cold it is.” An interactive, fun fixture.



Now, to shower fixtures… The modern shower obsession leads to these innovative and stylish fixture designs from Bossini (the Aquavolo waterfall shower, above) and Hansa (the Hansa2day hand shower, left). Based on similar principles, these two fixtures let you change from rain to waterfall with a simple flip of the showerhead. Neat and convenient.

Then there’s Grohe Ondus Digital shower – Ondus AquaFountain – a reflection of the sophistication and luxury in the modern bathroom. Controlled elegance and elegant controls. This shower makes the best effort to remember everything you wanted it to do and does it again with just a push of a button. “At first the panel shows only a power switch and an analog clock face. When activated, the panel comes alive with light revealing a range of illuminated icon controls”, allowing for a multitude of intuitive functions.



Bathroom sinks are what we stare at repeatedly each day – they cannot be without even some simple innovations … and some companies manage to come up with innovations that are as beautiful as they are sci-fi. For example, staring at this Ammonite concrete washbasin by HighTech (above left) shaped as a fossil and watching water spiraling down the earthy looking concrete shape, is as pleasant as is surreal. A futuristic design based on the prehistoric inspiration from the fascinating shape of ammonite fossils, this incredible fixture showcases the organic qualities of concrete. What you see is only one version of this washbasin – it can be produced in different widths and in several colors.

The Axolute sink with horizontal drain (above right) is pure science, no fiction. This very unusual but highly convenient installation requires no visible drain pipe underneath! The horizontal drain design is based on a patented ‘Horizontal Integrated Siphon’ technology from Axolute – the water simply flows back into the wall connection – a clever, neat solution that opens up new design possibilities in the bathroom.

WET, a champion in unusual bathroom technologies, came up with this X-Light Surround basin – the first “musical” washbasin. Made from transparent, light-diffusing acrylic, it features built-in amplified speaker system that you can plug in your MP3 into, and a total sci-fi look.



Bathtubs is where plenty of modern technology is already at work … but no one except Kohler has come up with this idea – a vibrating bath. Kohler’s recently released Fountainhead VibrAcoustic vibrating bath features four pre-set compositions of light, sound and vibration. You control the vibration, chromatherapy and music functions from a small panel neatly incorporated into this fixture.

Shower Doors


Today, even the trivial bathroom fixtures like shower doors get their fair percentage of the sci-fi like innovation. These new Cromobox enclosures by Antonio Lupi are LED-lighted shower doors. Depending on your mood, the doors can be lit in different colors using the integrated chromatherapy kit. The built-in LED lights illuminate the modern Mosaico pattern on these doors made from Duroglass.