Urban Style Bathroom Faucets by THG

“What is black and white and sterling and transparent all over? This is not a joke.” Yes, that is how the press release begins for Metropolis, an equally unusual and totally fabulous bathroom faucet collection by THG. These urban style faucets each present distinctive and very different silhouettes that are finished in modern, polished chrome. The designer dresses up these chic faucets with handles boasting inset Lalique crystal with a pattern that gleams subtly in changing light. Lalique transforms these bathroom faucets into a lesson in luxury! Whether for the powder room, ensuite or a home spa, these faucets are “contemporary deco” through and through. Check them out by visiting THG.




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  1. Luigi Guarino // 01/04/2011 at 6:57 AM //

    Please send me more information about the bathroom, thank you!
    Luigi Guarino

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