Charred Wood Finish Furniture by Yaroslav Galant


Yaroslav Galant “Innovative Design”, indeed. Who would have thought that burning furniture would give it such a rich and luscious look? The “Born 2B Burn” furniture of this Ukrainian designer uses a patented process after charring the furniture — at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! This process preserves the wood core by “flash” heating the outer layers at such a high temperature, it produces the incredible effects you see. After cooling, the furniture is injected with their patented substance (epioftonol) and left to crystalize, anywhere from a week to a month. Varnish is applied once the piece has reached the desired state. The process and results are intriguing – and the finish can be applied to almost any range of furniture. Galant’s choice was a baroque looking piece but also imagine a sleek modern piece done in this fashion. The base furniture is available in any style – classic to contemporary to modern – transformed by the fire in the belly of this fine young designer. Long may he burn.


This dresser has a very baroque look – the charred effect is magnificent.


The designer burns the furniture at high temperatures.


More information: Yaroslav Galant