Rustic Dining Table Designs: Iconoclast by Izm

There is something intriguing about this rustic dining table design by Izm, the Iconoclast table, or maybe it’s just a good photograph … but it does “breaks away from conventional 4 leg designs” as suggested by Izm. Re-inventing the common dining table is where many designers try to prove themselves, and designers Jerad Mack and Shane Pawluk have achieved that using rustic walnut hardwood and asymmetrical design. Their idea of modern aesthetics is influenced by their industrious rural roots: every line has a function; every detail is a utility. The result is telling: in actuality, they’ve built a sturdy dining table with reinforced legs … but the appearance is very dramatic and rustic modern. We like that. Shown in smoked walnut. Contact Izm for pricing.


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  1. This piece is great. Insanely creative but simple. Great Post

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