BBQ Donut Boat: Floating Party and Grill


Can you imagine inviting your buddies over for some barbequed steaks and burgers and then walking them down to the end of the dock? Add an adjustable umbrella and some motor power and you’re sailing off into the sunset. What a party this boat could host!

You can use the center grill as a barbeque, as a straight up table, or as an ice bucket (see photos below). And as you can see, you can make this party as elegant as you like – just add white linen and champagne. It’s a low smoke charcoal kettle grill with molded sections around the table to hold your food (and booze) steady as she goes. Seating up to 10, this floating party boat will make quite the splash at the local lake. You can purchase your own personal BBQ Donut Boat, or rent one at many resorts and vacation destinations around water. You could have a unique business meeting aboard, a romantic lunch date or a full-fledged party. Just add some fire and ice and you’re ready to cast off in this fantastic floating party boat.


The center can be a straight-up table, a working BBQ, or an ice bucket.


You can host a romantic lunch for two – or a party for 10!


More information: BBQ Donut