Ecological Hotel: Bird Nest Cabin Perched in French Forest


In the middle of a 5,000 hectares forest in Lorraine, France, designer Matali Crasset has built four wild houses – including the Nichoir, or Bird Nest house. Billed as an “ecological hotel room” offering basic comforts – it is made from Acacia wood, Douglas Pine and galvanized steel. The surrounding area is called “Le Vent des Forets” (The Wind Forest) and consists of six small village communities, the designer’s group of four of these houses making up one village. Indoor and outdoor living merge together – the Bird Nest Cabin has a terrace, a central room with a fireplace and a porch swing. Built to blend with nature, the cabin looks at if it grew out of the forest. And it is built above the ground, so that removing it will leave no trace. Eco-friendly, (of course), they are designed with sustainable living in mind. What a charming retreat deep in the woods – somewhere you can really be in tune with nature. Imagine a nice bottle of french wine, a fresh loaf of bread, an incredible cheese — and this setting for your picnic. Ooh-la-la.


The central room has lots of space for the footprint!


What a fireplace! Doesn’t it look divine?


The wood is stored at the back of the house.


More information: Matali Crasset