Kids Drawing Table: Come and Draw

Tian Tang’s ‘Come and Draw’ kids drawing table is made for cultivating the artistic potential of little kids, but bigger kids can enjoy it, too. The table, which doubles as a table and a sketchpad, achieves both a creative outlet catered for children and a solution in organisation for parents. No longer will walls, floors, and other un-writeable surfaces of the home be re-decorated (albeit with good intent) by budding artists! The table’s surface is made out of a stack of papers suitable for drawing and painting, held together by a protruding wooden piece. The papers can be spun around on this wooden piece, keeping the table tidy and encouraging the act of sharing. The papers are also replaceable. Come and Draw is a great addition to any hospital, nursery, school, and children’s corner. Tian Tang focuses her time on designing products for children. She believes in the power “dialogue with everyday objects”, and works to come up with designs that are effective in bringing out the gifts of the future generation. More information about the Come and Draw table and the Swedish-based studio can be found in Tian Tang. (via Domatti)