A Floor Lamp that Wraps Around the Corner


Wow, what a versatile light! Three different lights actually, from the same group. The one that wraps itself around the corner, the one that folds itself into the corner and the one that stands flat against the wall. Available in assorted colors and either matte or gloss finish– gives us a lot of combinations to choose from. A red braided cable powers the lamp, and it comes with long cables in case you want to decentralize the lamp from the wall, supporting it from the ceiling. A new form in floor lamps, no question. A bit of a whimsical piece, it stands out from other lights and is a guaranteed conversation starter. Because they are designed to hug the wall (no matter which model you choose), they are great for small spaces. They are even shaped to take account of the baseboards along most walls – slightly jutted to allow enough room for the possibility. A unique piece with a very well-thought out design. We’ll take one of each!


The Demi 90 (above) folds into the corner; the Demi 270 (below) wraps around the corner.


The Demi 180 is flat to the wall.


More information: Officinanove