Cool Floor Lamps by Angelika Morlein: Lights with Personality

Think of Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, but in a hotel! German designer Angelika Morlein created a collection of five cool floor lamps that are both fun and sassy. Inspired by the the clothing of the hotel waiters, the chef, the hotel floor staff, and the elegant guests that come and go, Morlein’s designs for Fabio Luciani are incredibly life-like. The collection consists of five regulars. Gio, the waiter, is dapper with his black-and-white ensemble, as Miriam the chambermaid stands ready with a similar but feminine version of Gio’s uniform. Chef Enrico stands the tallest among them all, sporting an apron with authentic chef’s buttons. Natasha boasts a dark elegance in black pleated chiffon. Last but not least, Brigette is demure in her pink ruffled dress. More information about these funky floors lamps can be found on Fabio Luciani.