Futuristic Lighting by Tom Dixon: Bulb, Etch

Now your attention will be turned again to ever-forward-looking Tom Dixon, the designer who is often referred to as the one and only “vertebrate designer.” His latest futuristic lighting collection is fully committed to the designer’s keen interest in exploring materials and structures of the object, starting from the inside out. Sure to light up and transform any contemporary decor, Dixon’s futuristic lights have managed to transform the common energy efficient bulbs into real things of beauty. For instance, the Bulb Chandeliers – with Long, Round or Wide versions, these lighting fixtures are designed in reaction to the unattractive aesthetics of CFL replacements. As for Dixon’s Etch Lights (100, 45, 65) and Tower, all inspired by the purest logic of mathematics, all we can say is that their detailed patterns create masses of playful and intricate shadows, as soon as you have one of them lit up in your living space. Visit TomDixon shop to take one of them home.