Life Size Woman Floor Lamp: Penelope by Myyour


Viva la Diva! Aren’t these lamps incredible? More than life-size – almost seven feet tall – they look fantastic standing in a line, or by themselves. And when the light is turned off, they look like art. That’s because they use a material proprietary to the manufacturer, Mydesign, called Polyeasy – which also allows the light to be consistent across the full surface of the statue. Don’t they look far different when unlit? (See below for unlit images.) Line up a row of white ones to stand guard! Or mix and match the colors for a more avant-garde look. Designed by Moredesign, they can be equipped with lighting for indoors or out. Can’t you see a few of them standing in a circle at a cocktail party by the pool?


These statuesque women are almost seven feet tall!


Penelope is available for indoors our out.


When not in use as lights, they look like statues.


More information: MyYour