Small Whimsical Lamps by DMOCH

Puttng a fun spin to lighting, Swedish multi-disciplinary design studio DMOCH designed these small whimsical lamps dubbed “Francis”. Conceptualised and crafted by David Ericsson and Marcus Berg, the Francis Lamps are comical yet eye-catching, and are designed in a manner with “poetic and humorous values” in mind. Their forms take inspiration from the circus and various elements of nature. The lamps also explore various dimensions in spatial lighting. Their unusual shapes make them interesting wall-mounted pieces that give out different sources of illumination in unique directions and degrees of brightness every time. The diversity in size give out effects when installed in various heights in a space, making them aesthetic statements as well as sources of light. Humour, humanism, and honesty in design are part of the core values defining the spirit of Ericsson’s and Berg’s work. More information on the Swedish duo can be found on their website, DMOCH. via Contemporist