Strange Lamps: Transient Trash Me Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

How is this for strange lamps? Victor Vetterlein designed Trash Me lamps keeping the eternal potential of recyclable material in mind. Like fingerprints, all the lamps are different from one another. With every incarnation, they are taken apart after their short lives as one form and re-molded to become a brand new lighting design. The New-York based designer created these fixtures out of four egg cartons that were blended into pulp used to form the intended physical shape of the lighting fixture. When the sections have dried, cloth electrical cord and lighting made out of recycle material is installed in accordance to the created form. The entire apparatus is reinforced with aluminum screw posts. Bird seed is used to stabilize the bases of stand-alone lamps. Victor Vetterlein’s works focus largely on fun shapes and materials reflecting his combined industry background in architecture and industrial design. More information about Trash Me and The Office of Victor Vetterlein can be found on the website of Victor Vetterlein. (via Muuuz)