Wool Lamp ‘Granny’ by Pudelskern

Who may have thought that electricity, light and wool can be combined in one cool product – a natural Tyrolean sheep wool lamp kindly dubbed ‘Granny’. Designed by Pudelskern and made available by Casamania, it’s hand-knit in the Netherlands by the “local ladies”. Grannies making Grannies, as WSJ puts it. The lamp name and the fluffiness of the wool evoke a cuddly memory of Grandma and of safe childhood when gatherings around the fireplace in cold winters where grannies used to knit while telling stories was a common tradition. So hang this pendant lamp next to the fireplace, get together with your kids and read them kind stories. And don’t worry about it getting hot – the wool is flame resistant. Available in off-white (ecru) and raspberry.