Allan Lake Furniture: Wooden Works of Art


Allan Lake bills his furniture as “Investment Furniture” and no wonder – each piece is made by hand and a 100% one-of-a-kind work of art. His pieces are natural, playful, organic. And for the record, the classic British hardwoods that he uses are sourced only from sustainable woodlands. The wood itself is the inspiration and he seamlessly marries the art and the function, remaining true to both. His “Flight Bench” (above and below) is a prime example. The towering elm has been used for wings – grounded by sturdy oak legs. The artist created the Flight Bench “in memory of a much-loved and respected man”, as a place where “dreams take wing”. Almost 10 feet long, it is truly an inspiring piece of art. Art that you can sit on.


The Flame Story Chair is another interesting piece of art. The chair is made from an eclectic combination of woods: ash, sycamore, holly, beech, rowan, oak and walnut. And it’s five and a half feet tall, sitting down. Looks like a throne of sorts, doesn’t it?


The Burr Elm Mirror LIne is called “Elm Diamond” and mirrors can be ordered in custom sizes.


Allan Lake beds are available in a variety of styles – but all of them emphasize the beauty of the woods.


The “Woodland Story Chair” was built for sitting in, and telling enchanted tales.


The “Elm Pebble Stack” table is made from burr and elm woods – inspired by river rock pebbles and their smooth surface.


The “Yogic Rocker” is as organic as it gets – smooth, sleek wood (burl elm with yew pegs) and style. Allan Lake Furniture is, indeed, art you can use.


More information: Allan Lake