Bent Plywood Chair by Made In Ratio


The Cowrie Chair, by Made in Ratio, will intrigue you. How do they do that from one piece of plywood? The curves of this amazing chair are inspired by the concave curves of sea shells. And the sweeping lines are indeed, reminiscent of the seashore. Formed from one single piece of ash-faced plywood, these chairs are available in natural or ebony finish. What style – it makes us think of a contortionist – bending and twisting in unlikely combinations. And you can follow the grain of the ash face right along the entire chair. The technique used to build this chair is to be applauded – such innovation. Don’t they look like they’ve been folded? They’d look incredible in a loft, wouldn’t they? Or anywhere else that supports a modern flowing design, for that matter. And they’ll keep you guessing – how did they do that?


Choose from different finishes.


Don’t they look like the plywood has been folded into shape?


More information: Made in Ratio