Brick Upholstered Furniture by Established & Sons: Bricks & Mortar

This funky brick upholstered sofa, loveseat and chair set by Established & Sons is a real treat. I think it can be a great fit for a loft with exposed brick walls and beams. I really dig that darker gray color but two-color combination will do too. This would be a conversation piece – they’ll say “Wow, even your furniture is decorated to look like brick.” And you’ll go “Isn’t it cool?” At that point tell them you got it from Established & Sons. On a serious note, it’s a nice and fun design – no matter how I look at it … it’s all ‘brick’ to me, ha-ha. There is brick looking wood flooring, brick looking wallpaper, brick looking ceramic tile … why not brick like furniture.





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  1. Filipa // 08/20/2010 at 11:10 AM //

    I really enjoy to see this! At this year it will attend at the Maison & Objet the brand Boca do Lobo. They are incredible in fusing old styles with contemporary aspects.

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