Casual Table and Chairs Set – modern elegant design by Casprini

If not already, this elegant casual table and chairs set is going to be very popular. It would make a nice addition to our most popular modern luxury furniture list. As we present more designs from Italian furniture brand Casprini, this table and chairs are a must see. The modern table Atatlas by designer Marcello Ziliani is made from a plastic composite and painted in glossy white or black. An elongated oval tabletop is made of natural crystal, with central circle painted in white or in full colored satin. The elegant casual chair Azhar, also by Marcello Ziliani, is composed of a cast aluminum base painted in glossy white or black and a seat in shiny nylon or polycarbonate. Just by looking at it, you cannot really tell that the base is aluminum. The chair base design repeats one of the table. For purchasing information, contact Casprini.