Chaise Loveseat Sofa from David Batho: Elegance and Comfort


Modern design, combined with traditional leather work, brings the loveseat to a new level of style. This piece would look simply stunning in any room – but doesn’t it look incredible here against the acid-etched cement floor? You could use it as a fainting couch, can you imagine? Or just lie draped across it, with a rose between your teeth. What a photo that would make! In all seriousness, while this is a high-design piece, it’s also extremely comfortable. David Batho is known for working with the client individually, to customize the furniture to their style. What color leather would you put on this piece? Red would be daring, and wouldn’t black be oh-so-sleek? Or a rich burgundy for the library? Whatever your preference in color, this is a head-turning piece of furniture. We love it – watch for more from this hot, young designer!


Not just elegant – but extremely comfortable!


More information: Batho