Coffee Table Design by Gradient Matter Inspired by Human Emotions


This is a masterful table with it’s branching design. Created by Andrei Hakhovich’s idea and design studio, Gradient Matter (an arm of his AH Studios), the tables are hand crafted in San Francisco, CA. The young designer, originally from Minsk, Belarus, was thinking about the connections between people when he designed this piece. Said Hakhovich: “Ten­sion, attrac­tion, repul­sion, con­nec­tion… I wanted to reveal it all.” With an education in both architecture and engineering, he combines the two knowledge bases in his designs. The table is made from local bamboo and walnut with plexiglass. In keeping with the smooth, natural lines, this piece is joined together with wood lap joints — no hardware is involved. The table looks like it has been pulled apart and stretched – with cell-like shapes in the middle. And the form of the wood, with it’s gradation stripes and plank portions, make this piece look super natural. This is a stunning table with organic lines and natural design that would look fantastic in any room.


No hardware is used in the joints – the connection is natural.


The designer created this table to show the interactions between people.


More information: Ah Studio