Corliss Chair by Studio Dunn: Smooth Joint of Wood, Aluminum


What a funky chair – aluminum back and wooden seat and legs. A marriage that was waiting to happen! Tung and linseed-oiled maple meets powder-coated cast aluminum in this charming chair, suitable for most any room in the house. They’d look great at the kitchen table, in the dining room or use it as an office chair. An assortment of colors are available off the rack (so to speak): black, white, chardonnay, blue, red, and malbec. Or choose your own color and wood species in a custom chair. Notice the curve of the cast aluminum, to fit your back. This looks like a super comfortable chair with plenty of support. And so modern – a hint of Scandinavian lines but designed and made in the USA, using small manufacturers. Using high quality domestic timber from sustainable forests along with 90% recycled aluminum makes this an environmentally sound piece of furniture as well. A great design, planet-friendly and made in the USA. What’s not to like?


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