Hanging Fireplace Looks Great Indoors and Out


Our friends at Trendir featured this Penthouse Apartment with Two Hanging Fireplaces – and sure, a loft in Soho is always lovely, but it’s the fireplaces we like! They have no footprint at all – they hang from the ceiling! And why settle for one when you can have one inside, and one outside? They have a Scandinavian feel to them – organic curves and smooth lines. And we must admit, it looks like it was custom made for this loft with its white walls and open layout. I think we could live here quite happily! Especially when we can get outside, where another hanging fireplace awaits us (see below). And these fireplaces aren’t just for trendy, large New York apartments – they would work very well in small spaces. There’s no base to take up floor space – and you can position the firebox as low or as high as you choose. This is a versatile fireplace you could put anywhere – even bathroom. We’ll take one for every room and one for the verandah!


Indoors or out — the hanging fireplace has ‘no’ footprint!


More information: SA-DA Architecture