Knitted Cover Chairs: Jumper by Established & Sons

Thanks to the knitted cover used in place of traditional upholstery, the Jumper chairs from Established & Sons look so cozy and inviting. Knitted in the same way as a sweater, Jumper’s cover looks and feels just like a wool jumper, it even buttons up on the bottom of the chair. Underneath the cover is solid wooden frame with bent steel legs. Once the garment is knitted it is “washed at a high temperature, shrinking the fabric and eradicating its stretch. The resulting cover has an exceptionally engineered form with a high level of durability”. So you see, these chairs are not only good looking, they’re durable too. What an adorable design by Bertjan Pot. Let these chairs put a smile on your face with their heart-shaped backrests and the bent legs that suggest some resemblance to jumper monkeys. If you like these chairs then you may also like the brick upholstered furniture by Established & Sons.