Modern Circular Sofa Sectional by Lamm – Ylo

Modern furniture designed for hospitality sector often works great in a private home environment. It allows for a very trendy decor space as its formal design style often brings modernity. This can be just the case with Ylo, the new modern circular sofa sectional from Lamm, designed by Baldanzi and Novelli. As a sofa sectional designed for hotels and private settings, the modular Ylo can serve many purposes, to fit the space and needs of your specific project. While we like circular the best, the sectional design allows for many different arrangements that can be setup in straight lines or in concave or convex curves. There is also a straight sectional (see image after the jump). This modern contemporary sofa is high-quality, comfortable and comes with great appearance, and you can create a very original decor space with such unusual and innovative form. For more information about new Ylo contact Lamm.