Simple Coffee Table with Storage – Dent by Nendo

The designers over at Nendo have designed “Dent”, a simple coffee table with storage. A conversation piece of a coffee table, Dent is made by the Japanese-based design studio for the company Arketipo. The piece itself is straight-forward, with varying heights to place knick-knacks, like books, lighting, vases, and gadgets. But it is the unique top that creates the statement for the entire table. The top surface consists of a removable white ceramic bowl. The bowl functions as smaller storage and can be utilised as a separate entity, allowing the resulting ‘dent’ (as implied by the name) to serve as additional space. The simple all-white table is very akin to that of a porcelain sculpture, adding a delicate yet modern touch to an interior space. More information and works are available on the company website of Nendo.