Skull Chair by Dutch Architect Vladi Rapaport


Made from reinforced polyester with a veneer surface, this skull chair is a surreal piece of art from Dutch architect Vladi Rapaport. It’s an artisan take on a skull, and one you can sit in. And it has a brain footstool to go with it (below). The chair is from Rapaport’s “Vanitas” collection, inspired by still life paintings by the Dutch masters in the 16th and 17th century. We were really surprised by the materials as it looks so much like the bent plywood pieces that are so popular today. The lines in the veneer are spectacular and really move with the chair. Rapaport says he was trying to incorporate the idea of death into the enjoyment of life – sitting in a very comfortable and pleasing-to-the-eye chair and living in the moment. His ability to construct both art and a chair is amazing and this piece, aside from being a comfortable place to sit, will function as a high end piece of sculpture when its empty. There’s just something about excellence – you know it when you see it. And this chair has all that it takes.


Skull chair and leather brain footstool.


The lines of the wood veneer are amazing.


More information: Vladi Rapaport