Very Low Coffee Table by Han Koning

In this very low coffee table design, Netherlands-based designer Han Koning plays with ergonomic standards. The ‘Lowboy Salon Table’ stands 30 cm low and could be easily mistaken for a nice sitting piece. This simple looking coffee table is a very sturdy construction thanks to a combination of masterful technique and great industrial design skill. It’s made of bent birch plywood, with white or black inserts showing the direction of the bend – thus available in black and white design editions. The exposed layers of plywood leave nothing of its crafting process a secret. The low table rests on brushed aluminum legs. Buy it at Han Koning. (via Yanko Design)









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  1. bedroom decorating ideas // 03/26/2011 at 10:28 AM //

    I think my friend would like to try this since he never find a comfortable and unique coffee table…

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