Couch and Stairs Combined in Flowing Style


What a striking design – to put the stairs and the sofa in line like this. There’s a magnificent flow in the room and coming down the stairs. Dutch architect firm 8A built this as a ‘pied a terre’ in the Netherlands for a Dutch family that is living in Paris.

Without a lot of space, they had to be creative and maximize what they could without sacrificing style. Notice how the landing near the bottom of the stairs is the same height as the sofa, drawing your eye along one solid line. There’s a great deal of flow in this small house, and it starts with this focal area. The wood on the wall and stairs is a blonde – a hint of Scandinavian influence in the sleek lines. More importantly, the lightness of the wood keeps it from becoming the focus instead of the design itself. The side tables are built in as well – and provide extra storage. The flow of the design makes this a real statement wall – and a great idea for any small space.


8A Architects have created a true statement wall with this combination.


More information: 8A Architects