Fan Shaped Stairs by Architect Paul Coudamy


What a stair case! Oak and metal with fan shaped stairs that get smaller as you circle around to the top. Build as part of a line the architect, Paul Codamy, calls BLUR, it’s all about open space and transparency. Codamy clearly places value on lighting – notice how there is a shadow is illuminated against the wall when there’s someone on the stairs. And look at the grain on that wood – contrasting against the black metal. The architect custom made this staircase for his home – formerly a butcher shop that he transformed. The stairs are all curve, from the spiral down to the shape of the steps. Round, organic shapes and natural colored oak follow the staircase from floor to ceiling, almost giving the illusion of motion. We think these stairs are a great design and they are nicely engineered as well. It’s not that often that we see stairs worth featuring!


Black metal and oak is a striking combination.


More information: Coudamy Architecture