House of Round Mirrors by Harumi Yukutake


This house is a magical mystery tour all of its own, made of thousands of hand-cut mirrors. Built for an art festival in Japan, the house reflects the nature that surrounds it. It has a surreal look – echoes upon echoes and a changing feel depending on the day’s light. And because the reflection comes in so many round shapes, fit together, it has almost a honeycomb feel. Hurami Yukatake is a glass artist based in Toyama, Japan who completed her Master of Fine Arts at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. She calls this piece: “Restructure”. At first glance, it’s hard to tell where nature ends and the house begins. And when the surrounding trees and grasses wave in the wind, the house seems to wave alongside them. Is she saying that we need to restructure our relationship with nature? Or with ourselves? What do you see when you look in the mirror?


Harumi Yukutake’s “Restructure” is made of thousands of hand-cut circles of mirrors.


The effects can be magical at different times of the day.


It’s a magical, artistic expression – worthy of reflection.


More information: Harumi Yukutake