This Single Log Staircase is Astounding, but Look at the Floors


We found this incredible single log staircase in a story written by our friends at Trendir: Artistic Transformation of an Ordinary Seaside House. We can’t take our eyes off it! You just cannot get more natural than this. And leading down to a mirrored room just magnifies the beauty. It seems to be such a simple idea, yet so unique. The shape of the large forked log is perfect for a staircase. And the labor involved is minimal, showing off the lovely gradation of the wood. You would have a real sense of living with nature if you had a staircase like this. And of the immense nature of nature, when you think about it. It’s the kind of staircase you’d find in a Hobbit House!


Photos by David Frutos – BIS Images
Architects: Xpiral