Tree House Built in … Brooklyn Loft


A tree house and a cabin, built inside a loft? Brainchild of architect Terry Chiao, the design was conceptualized as “houses within houses”, the cabin and tree house providing private sleeping spaces within the loft. In fact, the cabin is available for rent on a nightly basis through Air B&B – the popular grass roots lodging site. Each room has a semi-private sitting and green space outside its door, enhancing the “houses within houses” concept. It is a really clever way to create separate rooms within a loft, without enclosing the space. And maximizing it to an extent – there is an office area built beneath the tree house room. The cabin is built on a raised floor, with storage space underneath. The shared space between the two interior “houses” is made up of the kitchen, living room and long dining table (which can also serve as a work table). The whole idea works incredibly well, we think – largely because of the height of the loft ceilings and the incredible amount of sunlight that comes streaming in the windows. The loft space feels like the outdoors – just what the owner intended. A funky, innovative idea – and an interesting place to stay on your next trip to New York!


The long dining/work table sits in the common area between the two interior “houses”.


There is a semi-private sitting area and garden outside each abode.


Both the tree house and the cabin have exterior views out the large windows.


Plenty of storage space!


More information: Terry Chiao