Headquarters in Sao Paulo by Estudio Guto Requena


Estudio Guto Requena have completed the design of the new headquarters for in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Following the latest modern trend of the Internet-based companies such as Skype, Google and Facebook, the headquarters in Sao Paulo were designed to create a relaxing and productive environment for those who spend their working hours sitting at their desks. The following are just some of the highlights of the project that we thought would be of interest to our readers.


Relaxing sitting areas are set up for brainstorming sessions with casual chairs and comfortable pillows. And lots of light for taking notes! Check out the awesome planning calendar on the back wall.


What a bright yellow sunny kitchen! And everyone sits together – more team spirit, more creative commons.


Swinging bucket chairs in the reception area define the mood – resort-like and relaxed. It’s how to inspire creativity in everyone!


Aren’t these chairs fun? Styled after hammocks, they are in a conversational grouping – like a campfire. Keep those thoughts coming!


Or if you prefer, stretch out on the carpeted floor with big pillows. Whatever gets those creative juices flowing. What a forward-thinking office!


Creativity breeds creativity – try strumming a song on the guitar if your juices aren’t flowing yet! And what a splendid warm orange color on the walls. When times get really tough – head to the roof! Who wouldn’t want to work in an office with mini golf on the roof? What a fantastic environment to work in – and it’s a modern employer who realizes that thinking time is important. Bravo, Walmart, San Paulo!


More information: Estudio Guto Requena
Photos by: Fran Parente