Wooden Architectural Elements: create visual interest

These plain white interiors benefit greatly by the visual interests created by wooden architectural elements. The beautiful curved staircase alone is worth a lot more that just a conversation. When remodeling this old farmhouse, Frankfurt-based architects Cilia and Hendrik Tovar were paying great attention to the existing architectural elements, making sure they are preserved or even made more obvious. Have a look inside …

Photos: Markus Raupach

Via Architektourist



Some beams and joists were left exposed, adding charm to this otherwise boring white room. Light wood floors do not take attention away from the exposed wood above.


Again, darker wood on kitchen cabinets is in pleasant contrast with the white walls and lighter floors.


As a finishing touch, uneven patterns on wooden countertops add warm accents to this cold interior.


Finally, even the exterior is accented in wood – the new facade is clad with untreated larch wood.