Modern Flower Vases: 24 Decorative Designs, Ideas and Arrangements

A flower vase may be one of the most exploited design objects in the world – every modern designer has designed a flower vase, and everyone thinks that anything can be a vase … still, some design ideas are just so much better than the others. We’ve put together a great selection of some of the coolest modern flower vase designs … Sources: Corriere Della Serra, The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid.


Wall Hanging Flower Vase

These beautiful wall vessels designed by Florence Doleac and dubbed ‘XLS’ only simulate bended copper tubes but are actually made from copper glazed ceramic. XLS is a wall hanging vase composed of 3 tubes hanging on leather straps, and makes an unforgettable decorative arrangement with this wild grass bouquet.


Clamp Vase and Surrealist Vase

With its unusual but practical clamp design, the decorative idea behind the Borderline vase by Adrien Rovero (left) helps bringing flowers to places where they are least expected … like a workshop, and is as modern as it gets. A surrealist idea by Vedovamazzei produced the Reset vase (right). The white ceramic Reset has two holes that can be crossed by a single long-stemmed flower – a perfect arrangement for a red rose!


Upside-down Pot Vase and Flat Pot Vase

Distorting the usual ideas about the use of this simple household item, the next two modern vase designs make great art out of a common flower pot. The Qualcuno flower vase in red clay (left), by Denis Santachiara, needs no words to describe it. Another decorative idea by Florence Doleac, the Lolo vase (right) is a flat ceramic pot that can even be hanged on the wall, changing the perspective of a classic pot design. As poeticized by designer, it’s the “Wall vase seeks lonely flower” arrangement.


Surf Vase and Vivarium Vase

The Surfvase design (left) by Marti Guixe uses a vase in an uncommon fashion – the modern arrangement is created by ‘decorating’ the surface of a vase with flowers and hemp ropes that circle through 32 hollow handles. Dubbed “Terrarist”, the unusual black flower vase (right) uses glazed ceramic to simulate the building of a vivarium, as according to designer Hugo Meert.


Black and White Half Vases

This interesting design idea by Linde Burkhardt enables creation of multiple flower vase arrangements. Each “Tre Per Due” (or “Three for Two”) modern vase is divided into two halves that are held together by a cap. The resulting pairs of white and black ceramic halves can be uniquely arranged to fit your own taste.


Spiral Terracotta Vase

Designer Paolo Ulian made these clever terracotta vases by rolling a single sheet of clay on itself. The sculptural Rosae vase can hold a flower bouquet in the center while the lateral spaces are perfect for a single flower.


Symbolic Vase and Convenient Vase

Inspired by a Roman cultural symbol, the wheel of the chariot, designer Luca Vitone continues his “yet it moves” motif in a vase … The wheel-shaped cut-out on this black ceramic Eppur Si Muove vase (left) reminds us of a flower. Alexis Georgacopoulos combines art with practicality in his “Duet” vase design (right). Duet is conveniently equipped with a perforated lid, to contain a single flower. To get more room for a full bouquet of flowers, simply remove the lid and hang it on the spout. Now the decorative blue lid becomes a part of the arrangement.


Ikebana Vase

The Planet B ceramic vase design by Pekka Harni draws ideas from the Japanese art of flower arranging Ikebana and futuristic form of a spaceship.


Flower Vases as Buildings

Designed by Nobuhiro Sato, these vases look like buildings in miniature and are made of concrete. Buy it at


Bunch Vase

The vase Bunch, designed by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italy, is reminiscent of a bunch of stems of flowers gathered in a bouquet. This Japanese-inspired ceramic vase is available in white and black and is great for Ikebana-like stylized arrangements. Buy it at


Egg Vases

Inspired by an egg and latex condoms, these modern flower vases by Marcel Wenders are made from porcelain. Available in three shapes and in different sizes. Buy it at


Bandage Vases

“Taped” vases by Piek Bergmans make an interesting visualization of a spherical shape. Strips of white porcelain are wrapped around to form a tight bandage, with flowers placed in the gaps. Buy it at


Triple Vase

Designed for Alessi by Hani Rashid, the decorative Trianta vase with three joined vessels allows for unusual ideas for flower arrangements. Made of fine china, it’s available in white or green. Buy it at


DIY Vase, sort of

The VaseMaker vase, designed by Ron Gilad, “dissects the classic vase into its two functional elements: support for the flower and a container for the water that sustains it. VaseMaker is a ‘half-function’ object which is designed and redesigned each time it is placed upon a vessel and leaves space for the imagination and for the participation of the user.” It adapts to any container, from the glass crystal to the empty bottle. Buy it at


Cardboard Vase? Not Really

Amazingly, these are ceramic vases, they only look like cardboard. The “Cardboard Vases” by Paolo Ulian are made in ceramic. “Their shape is the result of manual modeling of tubular corrugated cardboard that is usually used to pack bottles and jars.” Don’t they look elastic and deformable? Buy it at


Adaptable Vase

Designed by studio Vij5, FlexVaas is a practical and functional vase thanks to its changeable tops. Differently sized tops help adapting to every type of flower. Buy it at


Decorative Flower Vases

Made by Portuguese company Vista Alegre, the Royal Actual porcelain vases are distinguished by unique decorative details: tangled vines that serve as handles and elegant floral patterns accented in gold. Buy it at


Shaped Vases

A clever idea of merging multiple geometric shapes into one irregular form produced these unique vase designs. Envisioned by Pieke Bergmans, the Reunion porcelain vases create a strong visual impact. Buy them at


Stack Up Vase

A really cool and artful design by Christian Giopato, the Hula Hoop vase is made up of series of stackable disks, hiding inside an empty wine bottle. Changing the positions of the disks changes the appearance of the vase. Stack them up half way and you got a winecooler for a not-so-empty wine bottle. Buy it at



Water Pipe Vases

French designer FX Ballery has collaborated with Domeau & Peres to create the entertaining Pretty Vases Collection of ultra modern vases. Made of PVC plumbing pipes, the lacquered vases are available in a wide range of glossy colors. Buy them at


Three-dimensional Vases

Inspired by folded designs of Origami, the Surface vases by Achim Haigis bring a three-dimensional effect to your decor. These multifaceted objects are innovative art pieces completed in porcelain, and several can be ensembled to create unusual arrangements. Buy them at


Metal Tube Flower Vase

A Marti Guixe design for Alessi, Tube is a shiny, tube-shaped metal vase that can hold one or more flowers.


Orgy Vase

Dubbed “Fiorisutra”, this unusual vase by Maria Elena Martinez Fayo and Tomas Ortiz Ferrer is supposed to remind us about love … literally. Buy it at


Rubber Vase

This rubber vase by designer Henriette Melchiorsen is fun. Funky and stylish, it comes in multitude of colors and is totally “kid- and clutz-proof”. Fold the neck to make a different vase. Buy it at