Nice Holiday Gift?

While searching for nice holiday gifts we run into this incredible object, made of 4 kilos of gold, on sale for a whopping 165,546.22 Euros or $229,413.95 US at Freedom of Creation. This is the Gold Macedonia Tray by designer Janne Kyttanen. For this amount of money it does make a great holiday gift, literally. Interestingly, this contemporary tray design is inspired by the formation of soap bubbles. Aside from providing a characteristic look, each “bubble” forms an individual pocket to cradle a piece of fruit, creating a great presentation while keeping your apples and pears bruise-free. During the holidays, you can replace the fruit with holiday ornaments and feature this as your centerpiece! The gold gives the tray a lavish look to pamper someone … with royalty or famous? Delivery time is six weeks so if you’re looking for a unique and cherished holiday gift (pan intended), order yours now 😉