Steel Decorative Accessories by Iron Design – bent steel

American metalworks studio Iron Design Company have designed a new range of sleek and modern steel decorative accessories for the home. These steel accessories are generally of minimalist persuasion, the art lies with the blacksmith tricks done with the metal. The Firewood Holder is fashioned out of a single strip of steel that is bent, joined, and bent again, forming a dynamic and functional shape. The Coat Rack takes on a similar shape to ocean waves, with mounts 16″ of centre. The Tension Candle stick employs laws of physics, by holding the candle using, as what the implies, tension. The Wine Rack feigns the texture of fabric, to make it seem as though the rack is made of cloth as well as moulds after the bottles it holds. The Book Sconce imitates the shape of a leaf of paper, and emphasises library favourites as wall-mounted displays specifically for one book. Iron Design is headed by blacksmith March Maiorana, who learnt the art from his father. More information about the products are available on the official website of Iron Design Company.