Urban Bench Designs by Jangir Maddadi

Jangir Maddadi has created a collection of urban bench designs that puts a new twist to urban space and outdoor furniture. The circular shapes of these benches allow the users to view their surroundings without the constraint of corners. The large individual seats also give the freedom of social interaction. In addition to resting their feet, users can utilize the 360-degree viewing space or enjoy a spot of privacy while seeing what’s going on around them. This collection of urban designs can seat small and large groups. The versatile Public Bench and Union Bench are available in fiber-glass finish, with upholstery options ranging from Belgian loop-cut wool to Swedish leather to teak wood. The Public Bench also has a four-seater option where some of the ‘pods’ double as flower pots. The Yacht Bench uses a fiberglass base and teak seats, and boasts a nautical concept suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Union Panorama Bench is a twelve-seater with two integrated tables specifically designed for large public spaces, such as museums, libraries, hotels, and areas of circulation like aisles and corridors. Custom colors are available for all of these pieces. For more information on this bench collection, visit Jangir Maddadi.