Modern Hammock Swing by Georg Bechter: Woorock


The Woorock Hammock Swing by Austrian architect Georg Betcher has a lot going for it. First, there’s the incredible style – clearly designed by a master. And the practicality, it folds right up almost flat for storage. Perfect for smaller spaces, or for bringing inside after the good weather is done for the year. You could also transport it easily – provided your vehicle was large enough. Lightweight and easy to open and close – the curved runners are the key here. A few of these would be lovely scattered around a pool. Or on an urban rooftop deck. Anywhere you’d like to swing in the wind and revel in the sun. In style.

modern-hammock -swing-by-woorock-igh-design-2.jpg
modern-hammock -swing-by-woorock-igh-design-3.jpg

More information: Georg Bechter