Indoor Pool in Your Living Room!


We never would have thought you could get an indoor pool in a house this wide, but here it is. Courtesy of P8 Architects in Belgium, this young family has a pool off their living room. The folding glass walls offer multiple combinations – it can be an indoor pool, an outdoor pool or an indoor/outdoor pool! Opening onto a lovely patio with a bamboo forest really makes you feel you’re part of nature. Using a current/training stream (easily fits under the walkway/bridge), you can swim on the spot, and do the equivalent of laps in this pool. There’s a bridge to the patio, with a railing so the young ones can’t fall in. And at the far end from the bridge, there is what amounts to a shallow end, albeit a small one. What an awesome idea for a small space. And installing a saltwater pool filter system keeps the environmental impact low (and is much healthier to swim in than chlorinated pools). Just because you’re paying attention to your overall footprint in this world, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few luxuries.


Can you believe that there is an indoor pool behind these doors?


More information: P8 Architects