Modern Round Rugs: 8 creative area rug designs

Such interesting decor objects as these unusual round area rugs can be great conversation starters and will sure add some fun or even a touch of luxury to your modern interiors. See all round rug designs after the jump …


Tree Rings Round Area Rug

What looks like growth rings of a very old and very large tree, is actually a soft modern rug by Floor to Heaven. Via Stylinrooms


Woody Wood Round Rug

This wood looking rug by YLdesign was “designed to look like the cross-section of a log complete with rings, grain and bark”.


Exotic Round Rug Ideas

These two modern exotic rugs by Nodusrug will make your guests’ heads spin, literally.

Circus Rug




Barbed Wire Rug


Round Leather Rugs

Ultra modern and colorful, these leather rugs by Pachamama add some chic and maybe even a retro touch to your floors.


Round Cowhide Rugs

Moderna round cowhide rugs by Pure are cowhide pixels stitched together to luxurious perfection, coming straight from Argentina and Brazil.



Luxury Round Rugs

Combining Chinese Silk and Tibetan Wool makes these area rugs by New Moon so incredibly luxury to the touch.


Tuscan Motif Round Rug

Tuscan Leaf rug by Liora Manne is a perfect piece to place under a small round table, to create a colorful and cheerful arrangement.


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  1. vanessa // 05/14/2010 at 7:16 AM //

    Could you please tell me where I could purchase the circus rug on your web site and how much it is. Thank you. I am looking for unusual rugs for my hotel. Vanessa

  2. Love the tree trunk rugs, what a great idea! You can also mount a rug on a wall for a different twist on rug decorating.

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