Compact Shelves Conceal Staircase Wall with Style

Designed as part of Tokyo House by Atelier Tekuto, we love this compact shelving unit. Not only does it serve as a great deal of storage, it’s a very styled wall and it hides the stairs! Looking at it from most angles, you would never know that there was a stairway behind this wall. Such a chameleon piece.


The house itself is full of light and the bookshelf storage wall is a lovely light wood to give a sense of space. Because this is an urban house (in Tokyo, no less) – it was necessary to use the space in inventive ways. Who needs a wider staircase when space is an issue? Best to use the space to create storage like they’ve done with this fantastic wall. Think of how many books you could put in the top, and how many items you could store in the cupboards beneath. It’s a very inspiring use of a staircase wall, and has applications for any house. But it’s a huge bonus in a small space!


The staircase is hidden from the main room!


More information: Atelier Takuto