American Map Bookshelf: United States of Books


What a novel way to present a map of the USA. Our friends at Dwell Magazine found this charming piece. Russian-born architect, Andrei Saltykov, designed this map bookshelf after living in Washington DC. He saw a map made of state license plates and was inspired to create a geography piece. He wasn’t content to stop there, though. 600 tiny white Christmas lights map out the country’s major cities. What a great way for kids to learn geography. Or to trace out a road trip you plan to take – or have taken. You could use this shelf for books only by American authors and then go one step further. Place each author’s work in the state of his/her birth! Alaska and Hawaii are available separately (each Hawaiian Island has its own hook).
More information: Lacey and Saltykov
Photo Credit: Will Pryce
via Dwell