Built-In Furniture and Storage by Breath Architecture


Our friends at Trendir alerted us to this house with many built-in ideas and we just love it. Almost anything that can be built in – is! Built in headboards and lights, built in side boards, shelving – storage is everywhere! And built-ins take up less room than free standing furniture so you can make more use of the available space. The built in corner table (above) makes use of a space that otherwise might only hold a plant. And using the stair wall as cubby holes is such a clever idea. The built in headboard (below) really anchors the bedroom and the grain on the wood is so rich looking. Another thing we love – reading lights built right into the headboard! And notice the end tables – while free standing, they are small and easy to move and they blend in perfectly with the wood theme. Building in shelf and desk space is the ultimate space saver, pull up a chair and you’ve got an office! Especially when dealing with smaller, or less conventional space, built-ins are the way to go!


Building shelves into the construction means you can put your desk anywhere!


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