Coat Hook Designs or Wall Lamps?

Using his Sherlock Holmes-like intuition and inspired by the Tabard (an old century short sleeveless tunic worn by knights over armor), designer Denis Santachiara at Pallucco has created his own Tabard – the coat hook / wall lamp combination… to be “worn” over the clothes and to provide light. Yes, Tabard is an invereted hook design, sort of speak. While common coat hooks are covered by clothes, Tabard does just the oposite – it covers the clothes, protecting them from dust. This extraordinary coat storage accessory is a translucent, rigid shell that opens 120° to reveal plastic knobs for hanging coats and a light bulb. It’s available in two versions: wall lamp or floor lamp. The translucent material helps create an atmosphere of mystery, just like with Sherlock Holmes. The wall lamp version is fitted with 6 gray plastic knobs and the floor lamp with 12, to hang clothes). Visit Pallucco for details.