Modular Shelving Design by Horm: the ‘living’ shelf

Taking cues from organic “cells” and “cerebral branches”, Sebastian Errazuriz at Horm has designed this unusual modular shelving system – Sinapsi. I really like the description as according to Horm … “The designer has created a model that is repeatable, which offers a vast array of shapes and spaces suited to growing “organically” to respond to the changing needs of end consumers. “Sinapsi” is the new modular shelving design that “branches” by using a variety of connections and relationships to create different paths and spaces for containing personal objects. The final aspect will be decided as the user “plays” with the shapes: life paths will take centre stage.” The technology used for the construction is also unusual: “Instead of being bent, the wood is folded and pressed to obtain the desired form. Wood particles pressed without the use of costly molds and molded veneer”. I wish I could understand better how it can be done with no molds … Available in ash, black walnut, mocha, or can be painted in standard colors. Contact Horm for more information.