Platform 5 Architects Build Book Tower House


So many books, so little time! The book tower in the middle of this house by Platform 5 Architects is nothing short of amazing. Walls of books wrap around a wooden staircase in this North London home. There are so many books, it almost looks like a professional library. Just think of how long you could keep yourself busy, simply lounging around and reading. Sounds like the perfect vacation to us. The bookshelves are made from oak and they hug the staircase, with a landing in the middle (perfect for a desk). Can’t you see your home office on the 2nd floor, overlooking all those marvelous books? There must be hundreds (if not thousands). And notice the lights on the top of each shelf, focused downward so you can easily read the titles. Who says print is dead?


An office surrounded by books!


The books fill the walls around the stairs.


More information: Platform 5 Architects