Secret Storage: Smart Device Charging Shelf Hides Cords


The Stage Interactive Shelf for hiding all those annoying cords comes to us from Dutch design house, Spell. Finally, a smart place to hide all those smart device cords! Use it for your tablet or phone, be it iPad or Kindle Fire, iPhone or Samsung (or any others). Easy to install, you could put it on almost any wall. It comes in walnut, oak or white-washed oak and there is an optional leather interior. We love the way the hidden drawer slides out. They’ve also added little teeth of sorts, to the end of the drawer to keep the cords tidy and sorted out. That way the charging end for each device will be easily identified. And there’s a cutaway so you can stand your devices up – check your email on your tablet when you walk past your shelf on your way to somewhere else. Kind of gives new meaning to the expression: Putting it on the shelf!


A handy place to stand your device!


Cords are kept tidy and neat.


The drawer slides in and out effortlessly.


There are three finishes available: walnut, oak and white-washed oak (below).


More information: Spell