Star Shaped Clothes Drying Rack for Small Spaces


This star shaped clothes drying rack is by London designer Aaron Dunkerton and is the perfect solution for small space living. It’s an expandable clothes air dryer (very environmentally friendly) that unfolds into a 12-point star. It kind of reminds us of a ferris wheel — for laundry. And it takes up very little space to store it when not in use! Lightweight (beach plywood strips), it’s extremely easy to fold and unfold. And with 36 drying arms – there’s lots of room to dry your clothes. When the load is dry – fold it up and put it in the corner of the closet again. While a clever solution for small spaces – it’s a great clothes horse for any size home. With 10 drying racks more than the average air drying rack, it does more work in the same amount of time. You could also use something like this for drying wet coats and scarves and hats in the garage in the winter. Anywhere you need to dry anything – this clothes horse turns into a real workhorse.


The star shaped clothes dryer starts out small.


It’s very easy to unfold!


More information: Aaron Dunkerton